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    Almaty, 22/37 Markov str.

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Pipeline construction

Design, construction and repair of engineering systems and networks, including main gas, oil and oil product pipelines.

Gas distribution systems

Gasification of settlements. Design and construction of gas distribution systems.

Buildings construction

Major civil and industrial construction of buildings and structures.


Design and construction of power supply and distribution facilities.

Storage construction

Construction of storages for oil, oil products and liquefied gases.

General earthworks

Construction and installation works in ground coats.


“GAZ Stroy Montazh KZ” LLC was established in 2005 and today it is a stable and dynamically developing company with advanced structure required for carrying out a complex of works on construction and installation of both underground and elevated main water, gas, oil and oil product pipelines as well as associated facilities.

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    Projects completed

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    Pipes laid

Completed Projects


  • 2018

    Construction of AGRS “Balpyk bi” from ”Almaty-Taldykorgan” MG

    and a high pressure supplying gas pipeline with installation of hydraulic fracturing to the Balpyk rural region in Koksu district

    Construction of gas distribution networks in Taldykorgan city,

    Stage I (5th and 6th start-up facilities)

    Construction of gas distribution networks in Taldykorgan city,

    Stage II: construction of 7th and 10th start-up facilities

    Construction of “Taldykorgan-Tekel” high-pressure distribution gas pipeline

  • 2017

    Reconstruction of heating networks in Almaty city.

    Reconstruction of the heating line TM-8K from TK-8K-2 to TK-8K-12

    Construction of “Almaty-Taldykorgan” main gas pipeline.

    Construction of gas distribution networks in Taldykorgan city

    (Stage I, 1st and 2nd start-up facilities)

  • 2016

    Construction and installation works on the facility Gas supply of Jubileinoye LLC mining and concentrating complex and Altyndy settlement

    Overhaul with replacement of MN “TON-2” pipeline for 145.6 km

    Development of water supply systems in the Auezov district in Almaty city.

    Water platform “Zapadnaya 1”

    Construction of engineering and communication infrastructure in Atyrau city (Aksai village)

    Reconstruction of the reinforced concrete water conduit of the Talgar underground water intake with a length of 4050 m in Almaty city

    Construction of the linear part of the “Beineu – Bozoi – Shymkent” gas pipeline of 100 km length

  • 2015

    Construction of sewage collector in “Zhas Kanat” micro-district

    to the existing collector with a diameter of 1000 mm up to the Alatau settlement (INP)

    Reconstruction of water supply networks and facilities for construction of the residential complex “Khan-Tengri” in Almaty city

    Construction of the clinic for 100 visits within one shift in Geolog settlement near Atyrau city

    Development of design and estimates documentation for construction of 5 pedestrian crossings in Atyrau city

    Construction and installation works. Overhaul of dormitory.


Компания выполняет весь комплекс работ от подбора площадки для строительства объекта до сдачи объекта заказчику и дальнейшее его техническое обслуживание.

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Production and technical facilities


Production base with total area of 6565.6 m2

Production base with total area of 4673.2 m2

including a workshop for production of metal structures, a woodworking and turning workshops, office premises, warehouses, etc., located on a land plot of 1.0 ha, in the Almaty region, Iliysky district, Ashchibulaksky rural region, Mukhametzhan Tuimebayev village, industrial zone, plot No. 10.

Non-residential premises with total area of 363.4 m2

with a land plot of total area of 1,0000 hectares, located at: Atyrau city, Talgat Bigeldinov str, building 8.



Design, procurement, construction and commissioning of “Kulsary-Tengiz” water conduit for industrial water supply

Construction of gas distribution networks in Taldykorgan city

Construction of 60-apartment 3-storey residential building in Kadyrk village of Kurmangazinsky district

Replacement of pipeline at the section of the GD GOS Kigach of the “Astrakhan-Mangyshlak” water conduit of 56 km length