• Адрес: 050040, Republic of Kazakhstan,
    Almaty, 22/37 Markov str.

  • Contacts: +7(727) 222 37 33


The company has a license of the I category for construction and installation works, a license of the I category for engaging in project activities, all permits and necessary material and technical base for the successful implementation of construction and installation, design and survey works of any complexity.

Design and survey works

  • — Design of engineering systems and networks including gas pipelines, oil pipelines and oil product pipelines.
  • — Design and development of gas supply schemes for settlements and production complexes located in inter-settlement areas.
  • — Construction design for overhaul and reconstruction of buildings and structures.
  • — Construction of bases and foundations (concrete, reinforced concrete, stone and reinforced masonry structures).
  • — Urban design.

Construction and installation works

  • — General earthworks, construction and installation work in ground coats.
  • — Construction and installation works on field and trunk networks of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, oil product pipelines and water pipelines.
  • — Construction of external engineering networks, facilities and internal engineering systems.
  • — Construction of supporting and enclosing structures, buildings and structures of II and III level of responsibility including installation of steel tanks and tanks operating under pressure.
  • — Construction of gas pipelines, oil pipelines of various diameters.
  • — Construction of storages of oil, oil products and liquefied gases.
  • — Gasification of settlements.
  • — Work on the protection of structures and equipment including insulation of pipelines, anti-corrosion protection, electrochemical protection and protection against lightning.
  • — Major civil and industrial construction.
  • — Overhaul and reconstruction of buildings, structures, supporting structures, stationary devices transporting substances and materials, protective coatings for structures and equipment, main oil and gas pipelines.

    “Turnkey” design and construction

    The company performs the whole complex of works from the selection of site for construction of the facility to delivery of the facility to the customer. у.

    Design and construction process stages:

  • — Selection of site for construction of the facility
  • — Pre-design testing
  • — Design of the basic design of the facility
  • — Preparation of construction documentation
  • — Obtaining necessary approvals and permits
  • — Complex supply of materials and equipment required for the project implementation
  • — Construction works implementation
  • — Installation and commissioning works
  • — Implementation of technical and author’s supervision
  • — Putting of installed equipment in industrial operation
  • — “Turnkey” delivery of the facility

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